An Innovative Approach to Medical Education

With a dual focus on research and clinical studies, Technion’s mission is to advance knowledge in life and medical sciences, improve health care, and train compassionate clinicians, researchers and teachers. This unique medical degree program boasts an unparalleled focus on research, intimate class size, and a diverse study body.
Image of Creating Tomorrow’s Top Physicians
Creating Tomorrow’s Top Physicians
Technion’s formula for success

At the Technion’s American Medical program, students access a proven formula for success: they study at a world-class institution, shadow top researchers and practitioners across a spectrum of specialties, and gain invaluable well-rounded experiences. This is why our students have such a high match rate and go on to successful careers as physicians.

Josh Geleris
MD Internal Medicine Resident at Weill Cornell
Class of 2014
At the Technion, I learned medicine from some of the world's top researchers who also happen to be devoted teachers, inspiring physicians and caring people. Haifa is an amazing place to live and I'll take the friendships I made with me for the rest of my life.
Ellery Greenberg
MD OBGYN Resident at Wayne State University
Class of 2015
The Technion is where I spent the best four years of my life, learning from some of the world's best physicians
Eugene Pahk
MD Candidate
Class of 2017
Living in Israel and learning at the Technion is a truly unique and interesting experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Lihi Tzur
MD Candidate
Class of 2018
Every day at the Technion is an exciting new adventure, where I get to learn about medicine, and myself, in a completely new environment
Your journey to become a doctor
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